There are two types of CAELT Assessments

CAELT Premium Assessment (recommended)

Covers all English language skills and is overseen by a trained CAELT Assessor. It provides a fully authenticated certificate of English language proficiency and is suitable for providing evidence of proficiency to employees and other parties.

  • Part 1 is computer assessed (grammar, vocabulary, syntax, spelling, basic written English, and listening)
  • Part 2 is assessed by a CAELT Assessor via Skype and assessment of your written submission. (covers fluency, pronunciation, conversation, speaking skills, long-form written English)

CAELT Standard Assessment

  • 100% of the test is computer assessed
  • The CAELT Standard test does not cover areas requiring a CAELT Assessor such as fluency, conversation, speaking and long-form writing skills.
  • It is suitable to give you a general indication of your English proficiency level.
  • It provides an authenticated certificate.
  • It is not suitable to indicate your level of speaking or conversational fluency.

A CAELT Premium test is the only test that covers all English language skills areas. Skills areas are marked on the CAELT certificates.

Pricing and Features

Why is a CAELT Assessment right for me or my organisation?

Individuals  may want to know what their current English language level is, may be seeking a new job and need to add your level to your CV, or may be thinking of taking an academic course in an English speaking college or university and need to know what their current English language level is. In all these cases a CAELT Assessment can help you out.

Organisations often need to know what the English language level is of their key personnel. They may also need to know which skills, for example, speaking or writing, they are particularly strong in. Organisations can also have custom assessments developed by CAELT to suit their particular industry or sector. These are invaluable where there is specific vocabulary and terminology used.

CAELT Assessments:

  • Are far more cost-effective than other comparable English language assessment tests
  • Can be taken online from wherever you are
  • Can provide you with a dedicated assessment ID so that you can retrieve your report at any time in the future.
  • Are authenticated by CAELT – we provide a unique WebCheck system so that you can provide this authentication and validation to others (such as prospective employers) if you need to provide proof of assessment authenticity.
  • Standards-based and developed so that they can be compared to other major tests using the Council of Europe’s level system as a baseline measuring system.

CAELT currently has 2 main versions of the English language skills test (see below). All of our tests are conducted in a secure online environment. Tests are developed in accordance with strict standards-based procedures many of which come from research and guidelines prepared by the Council of Europe. All tests are rigorously pre-tested and validated before being offered to our clients and candidates. Each test has been designed to suit a particular purpose (for a comparison chart of the tests see below) and will respond to an employer’s or candidate’s particular assessment requirements:

Time required and Number of items (approximations)

Approx. Completion time 90-120 mins 45-60 mins
Number of items 200 100