Group & Organisation Pricing

Organisations can open a managed Group Account and register their CAELT Test participants themselves.

A group account can be setup for a maximum number of users.

There are two types of CAELT tests no matter what level of CAELT your participants are taking:

  • CAELT Standard
    • 100% of the test is computer assessed
    • The CAELT Standard test does not cover areas requiring a CAELT Assessor such as fluency, conversation, speaking and long-form writing skills.
  • CAELT Premium (recommended)
    • Part 1 is computer assessed (grammar, vocabulary, syntax, spelling, basic written English, and listening)
    • Part 2 is assessed by a CAELT Assessor via Skype and assessment of your written submission. (covers fluency, pronunciation, conversation, speaking skills, long-form written English)

A CAELT Premium test is the only test that covers all English language skills areas. Skills areas are marked on the CAELT certificates.

For an explanation of each of the feature items, please see here.

Important Notes for organisations

  • The basic options for Group Accounts are for the CAELT Standard tests. If you would like your participants tested at the CAELT Premium (with a CAELT Assessor via Skype or in-house) level please contact us.
  • For organisations with specific requirements (e.g. custom tests based on an industry or professional sector) please contact CAELT so that we can discuss your needs.