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English Language Assessment tests to match your needs


CAELT currently has 3 versions of the English language skills test. All of our tests are conducted in a secure online environment. Tests are developed in accordance with strict standards-based procedures many of which come from research and guidelines prepared by the Council of Europe. All tests are rigorously pre-tested and validated before being offered to our clients and candidates. Each test has been designed to suit a particular purpose (for a comparison charts of the tests see here) and will respond to an employer’s or candidate’s particular assessment requirements.


 Why CAELT for my organization?

CAELT assessments provide a secure, professional and standards-based assessment environment for your organization to assess candidates English language skills. It can be used to assess current employees or prospective employees and has a number of optional security features that can be implemented depending on your organizations requirements. It is extremely flexible both in terms of cost and scaleability and has modular options to provide your own branding and web site integration into the assessment look-and-feel. As it is an online system your candidates can take the selected assessment from anywhere in the world. You are provided with a full administration, statistics and report retrieval area where you can setup new users and administrators, regional admin centers, manage reports and assess various aspects of your organization’s English language skills by viewing the statistics.


Assessments can be purchased in bulk using our discount credit system or individual candidates can pay for their own assessment.


 The Online Admin, Stats and Report Retrieval Web

Once you have a group or employer account setup you can access your online, powerful and feature rich, administration section. From there you are able to:


  • Add and manage users
  • Setup regional admin access
  • View global, regional and individual statistics for your candidates
  • Filter candidates by region, country, CAELT band score, final percentage, CAELT test type
  • Recommend further training
  • Purchase assessment credits
  • View assessment usage
  • Retrieve, print and email individual reports


 CAELT WebCheck System

The CAELT WebCheck system provides each candidate with a unique identifier for their assessment. They can use this identifier to go to the WebCheck section of the CAELT web site and, at any time, retrieve their own assessment report and print their CAELT Certificate of Achievement. The WebCheck system can also used by candidates to provide an access point for validation and authentication of their results.


 How scaleable is the CAELT system for employers and groups?

The CAELTS system is highly scaleable and can be used to assess a small group of candidates up to many thousands of candidates. The system is run on high specification servers with daily backups and robust database storage systems.


 Standards-based and Cost-effective

CAELTS assessments are rigorously developed and tested using many of the standards set by the Council of Europe. Results are provided with a CEFR grid reference to help candidates understand the CAELT band scoring in terms of the wider application of scoring in international language tests.


Cost per assessment is considerably lower than nearly all other comparable testing systems and our discount credit system provides further cost benefits for volume buyers.